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Token PERP

Feb 06, 11:37

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Binance Labs returned to move PERP to Binance


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Token PERP



Binance Labs just deposited 750K PERP ($784K) to Binance at $1.05 after 2 years of inactivity with the token:


Notably, Binance Labs was one of the investors in Perpetual Protocol, receiving 6.25M PERP from the project's wallet on March 16, 2021, at $6.56 per token (then $40.98M) (the real seed price was not disclosed). So far, they have deposited 3.25M PERP to Binance at $5.71 on average ($18.55M) on March 23, 2021, and just now.


Currently, Binance Labs still holds 3M PERP ($3.14M).


Fig 1. Binance Labs' PERP overall activities.

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