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Jan 26, 01:13

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Celsius Network moved out a massive amount of ETH


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Celsius Network just further transferred a massive amount of 443,961 ETH ($981M) to Coinbase and Paxos Treasury in the past 7 hours, including:

  • 297,454 ETH ($657M) to Coinbase Prime
  • 146,507 ETH ($324M) to Paxos Treasury


Notably, the total 24H ETH outflow from Celsius Network's wallet is up to 459,561 ETH ($1.02B) to Coinbase, Paxos, and FalconX. Most of the 297,454 ETH sent to Coinbase were then distributed to 12 fresh wallets, probably as part of an OTC deal (more details here).


Overall, Celsius Network has moved 757,626 ETH ($1.69B) to FalconX, Coinbase, OKX, and Paxos since November 13, 2023.


Currently, Celsius Network still holds 62,469 ETH ($138M) in address 0xdb3.


Fig 1. Celsius Network moved 459,561 ETH ($1.02B) to CEX in the past 8 hours.


Fig 2. Twelve fresh wallets received ETH from Coinbase post-Celsius Network’s deposit.


Fig 3. Celsius Network still holds 62,469 ETH ($138M) in address 0xdb3.

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