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Token LINK

Sep 16, 00:30

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Chainlink unlocked massive amount of $LINK

Total tokens transferred

Token LINK



18.75M $LINK ($117M) was unlocked from 4 Chainlink: Noncirculating supply contracts just now, of which:



  • there are 24 Chainlink: Noncirculating supply contracts in total, currently holding 442.75M $LINK ($2.81B)
  • around 82.75M $LINK has been unlocked since August 2022, of which 71.8M $LINK was later deposited to Binance. $LINK price seems to keep up its performance throughout all previous major unlocks (August 2022; November 2022; June 2023; and September 2023 just now)


Fig. A total of 71.8M unlocked $LINK has been deposited to Binance throughout all unlocks.

#noncirculating supply