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Jan 22, 09:06

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Ethereum Foundation further sold ETH for DAI


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The Ethereum Foundation appears to have sold another 700 ETH for 1.684M DAI at $2,406 on average via two addresses 0xbc9 and 0xd77 in the past 40 minutes:


Specifically, here is how the Ethereum Foundation sold ETH:

  • Ethereum Foundation 0xde0 transferred 2,000 ETH to wallet 0xbc9 on January 10 and 11, 2024;
  • Wallet 0xbc9 transferred 700 ETH to wallet 0xd77 41 minutes ago;
  • Wallet 0xd77 then sold 700 ETH for 1.684M DAI via Cow Protocol;
  • Wallet 0xd77 finally sent 1.684M DAI to Ethereum Foundation 0x9ee.


Overall, in the past 6 days, the Ethereum Foundation has sold 800 ETH for 1.937M DAI at $2,422 on average.


Fig 1. Ethereum Foundation's ETH movement to wallet 0xbc9.


Fig 2. Ethereum Foundation sold 700 ETH to DAI via wallet 0xd77 just now.


Fig 3. Ethereum Foundation sold 800 ETH for 1.937M DAI at $2,422 on average in the past 6 days.

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