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May 22, 23:09

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Ethereum's co-founder deposited ETH to Kraken


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Jeffrey Wilcke (Ethereum co-founder) just deposited 10,000 ETH ($37.38M) to Kraken at $3,738:


Since the start of 2024, the co-founder of Ethereum has deposited 24,300 ETH to Kraken at $3,108 on average ($75.52M), with the last deposit done before the price started to soar!


Currently, Jeffrey Wilcke still holds 126,003 ETH ($473M).


Fig 1. Jeffrey Wilcke (Ethereum co-founder) has deposited 24,300 ETH ($75.52M) to Kraken since the start of 2024.


Fig 2. Jeffrey Wilcke (Ethereum co-founder)'s top 5 current holdings.

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