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Token LINK

Apr 03, 20:31

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Inactive whale moved LINK to Coinbase


Total tokens transferred

Token LINK



Whale 0xdc2 just deposited 65,000 LINK ($1.15M) to Coinbase Prime at $17.62 after 1.33 years of inactivity with the token:


Overall, the whale is gaining an estimated total profit of $1.97M from LINK:

  • withdrew 170,000 LINK from Coinbase at $6.15 (estimated cost: $1.05M) on November 20, 2022;
  • deposited 65,000 LINK to Coinbase at $17.62 ($1.15M) on April 4, 2024, realizing $745K (+188%) in profit;
  • now still holds 105,000 LINK ($1.87M), with another $1.23M in unrealized profit.


Previously, the whale had also traded APE and MATIC but suffered an estimated total loss of $111K from both tokens.

  • Visit the visualizer for the whale's most updated PnLs from each token.


Fig 1. Whale 0xdc2's overall LINK trading history.

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