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Token PERP

Jan 05, 03:09

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Perpetual Protocol deposited PERP to Binance


Total tokens transferred

Token PERP



Perpetual Protocol just allegedly unlocked and deposited 1M PERP ($1.56M) to Binance via the middle address 0x21c.


Overall, Perpetual Protocol has unlocked and deposited 20.3M PERP ($15.74M) to Binance, OKX, and FTX since June 24, 2022, frequently ahead of a price drop. Specifically, since March 1, 2023, they have consistently deposited around 1M PERP to exchanges every month.


Currently, the address only holds 1,720 PERP ($2,680).


The PERP price dropped 12.08% in the past 24 hours.


Fig 1. Perpetual Protocol's PERP exchanges depositing history.