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Sep 25, 02:49

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Vitalik Buterin deposited $ETH to Coinbase


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Token ETH



Related transactions

Vitalik Buterin deposited 400 $ETH to Coinbase at $1,579.4 ($632K) on September 25, 01:43 AM (UTC) just now:


Notably, Vitalik Buterin has deposited a total of 2,421 $ETH to multiple CEX at 1,628 on average ($3.94M) via two addresses over the past 10 days:


1. Deposited 721 $ETH ($1.159M) to Kraken and Coinbase via address 0x1db, of which


2. Deposited 1,700 $ETH ($2.78M) to Bitstamp and Paxos via address 0x556, of which:


Fig. Vitalik Buterin has deposited 2,421 $ETH to CEX at 1,605 on average ($3.92M) over the past 10 days.

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