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Token LINK

Mar 28, 13:27

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Whale deposited LINK to Binance


Total tokens transferred

Token LINK



Whale 0x7d2 just further deposited 60,000 LINK ($1.16M) to Binance at $19.31:


In the past 19 hours, the whale has deposited 112,397 LINK via 2 transactions to Binance at $19.271 on average ($2.17M).


Overall, the whale is gaining an estimated total profit of $1.88M from LINK:

  • withdrew 1.419M LINK from Binance at $18.15 on average (estimated cost: $26.75M) between January 28 and March 27, 2024;
  • has deposited 1.019M LINK back to Binance at $19.63 on average ($20M) since February 12, 2024, realizing $1.51M (+8.15%) in profit if truly selling;
  • now still holds 400K LINK ($7.72M), with another $372K in unrealized profit.
  • tended to be FOMO when trading LINK: withdrawing LINK at highs and depositing LINK away at lows multiple times.


Additionally, the whale used to realize an estimated loss of $56.9K (-11.9%) from trading 50,003 WLD between March 14 and 28, 2024.


Fig 1. Whale 0x7d2's overall LINK trading history.