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Whale 0x427 just further bought 976.58 ETH with 3M USDT at $3,072 on average:


Notably, the whale has been trading ETH since June 16, 2022, and currently has an estimated total profit of $4.3M (+24.9%) from ETH:

  • allegedly bought 7,043 ETH via Binance and DEX at $2,455 on average (estimated cost: $17.29M). Among those tokens, 1,626 ETH was bought with 5M USDT at $3,075 on average in the past 3 days of the market downturn;
  • has sold 662.2 ETH for 1.49M USDT at $2,252 on average on October 15, 2023, and January 13, 2024;
  • now still holds 6,380.8 ETH ($19.6M) across 2 wallets 0x427 and 0x95e;
  • other address: 0x95e1b56af4f30c06f610dee8c8673a24f90a8ef9


Fig 1. Whale 0x427's overall ETH trading history.