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Aug 29, 00:01

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Maker DAO founder returns to buy $MKR


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MakerDAO founder, Rune Christensen, returned to swap a total of 415K $DAI for 409.06 $MKR at $1,015 on average over the past 4 days:

  • swapped 200K $DAI for 197.45 $MKR at $1,013 on August 25
  • swapped 215K $DAI for 211.61 $MKR at $1,016 on August 28
  • still holds 988,903 $DAI in his wallet and may swap more for $MKR


Notably, there was usually a pump following each of the founder’s purchases:

  • in the last purchasing round, Rune Christensen swapped a total of 1.61M $DAI for 1,613 $MKR at an average price of $998.2 between July 16 and July 20, 2023
  • the price of $MKR surged by up to 51.8% (from $883.3 to $1,342.7) during the period
  • check out the previous signal here


Fig 1. $MKR price tended to increase after MakerDAO's founder purchased $MKR.


Fig 2. The price of $MKR surged by up to 51.8% after Rune Christensen's last purchase.

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